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From: Seventh Sage
Subject: Dragon Riders: Dragon's TearEragon passed through the mighty sea, which was dark as the sun has gone
down. Eragon looked back at the disappearing island. But his thought said
he would meet him again. Eragon missed him but he quite liked the feeling."You better concentrate on way back Eragon or else we would be wet when he
get back to the city" said Eragon"I miss him .Don't you miss Thorn? Asked Eragon"We dragon have no feeling expect for our riders. But I could feel how you
are feeling about Murtagh""I wish we could return and I Shylolita Toplist could rest around his arms""Lets keep our dreams aside. As they are lots of dreams to come true""Then we should fly bit faster, Saphira and end this stupid war""As you wish" replied SaphiraThey flew back with mighty speed. The city can into sight. It was dark but
each of houses had their lanterns on. The sky was dark and no one in the
city could not recognize Shylolita Toplist Eragon or Saphira, as they flew higher and Saphira
being camouflage with the dark sky. Eragon tried to contact the elves to
inform his arrival. He knew he had to face the facts and be in long
discussion.Eragon landed on the north part of the city as he was informed by the
elf. The elf came forward from the hidden trees."The tent of the Kings and Queens are arranged over there." Said the elf
pointing towards the north of the city"Can we make it through foot" asked Eragon"Yes, it wouldn't be that far.""Why is the tent being set to the north?""We have planed to move forward in order keep our pace. It's good you are
back. We need built the trust among the people again."Eragon nod with agreement. He knew people would have felt miserable and
lost faith on defeating the empire's rule. But he has returned and he
promised a lot and that has to be kept. As they came to the end of the
path, the elf enchanted some word there appeared a doorway. Elf moved in
front as Eragon followed him. The entire army came into sight. Eragon mind
stroke, they have created a seal in order not to be seen by the empire
army. So the entire troops were here and all the lanterns were on because
they could Shylolita Toplist the trick the empire that they were still in the village. That
is a good one thought Eragon. All the tents were set in a systematic order
as if the queen's tent was located not in the center but in back were no
harm could occur to the queen or her subjects. The Elf led to the queen's
tents. There were guards in front of the tent. The guards were glad to see
Eragon. The guards announced Eragon's arrival. There was a quick response
from the queen. Eragon entered the tent .It was quite larger than an
ordinary tent. There were three chairs, one on the right was king of
Surdan, King Orrin and left was king of the dwarves, King Orik. At the
center was Nasuada and beside her was a mirror, an image appeared ,it was
queen Islanzad� the elf Queen."Greeting shades slayer. Your role in this war is quite vital and your
absence as created a great disturbance among the people. If Empire or
Murtagh happen to know your absences they would take this chance to attack
us. And we regret if our judgment being wrong but justice is common to all
you must not forget that. As you're the students of Oromis the cripple the
whole, you would be well aware of that.. And at last I would ensure revenge
on Murtagh for the death of Oromis. I would take my depart May the stars be
with you" .Nasuada stood Shylolita Toplist up and spoke"I think queen Islanzad� has said enough on behalf of us as well. Do you
want to add something more?"There were nods from both the kings"I think you can have your Shylolita Toplist
rest. But before you take your rest I would
like, if you could meet the elves who have being protecting the whole army""I would be pleased"replied Eragon"Then Follow me their tent is located at the center of the city"Nasuada led the way as the tent was opened. Nasuada walked out of the tent
and signed the elf to join them. They walked to the center of the camp. It
was easy to identify the tent as it was glowing as if it was a
lantern. Nasuada entered the tent followed by the elf . The elf sat along
with the other elf and started to communicated with them. Little by little
the glow started to reduce. Some of the fainted and the rest were too weak
to stand up. If they have a continued they wouldn't have last long. At last
the leader of the eleven elves stood and said:"Greetings Shades layer""You devotion will not be wasted and your scarification would be remembered
until the day of humans." And take your rest. Eragon bowed to the elf as
he made his way out of the tent."Take your rest as well Eragon but you have to meet another elf. " and
pointed at the tent at the corner of that row.Eragon made his way to the tent and entered it. It was Arya, she was
sitting on her corner of the bed she seemed to be that she hasn't slept for
days. She was in her green dress which matched her eyes. She lifted her
face up and saw Eragon at the entrance she ran towards him and kissed on
his mouth.Saphira blew out huge flame was it a flame of distress or... Murtagh got
up from his empty bed. He wished that he could join Eragon but he had to
wait until the war ends. Murtagh felt something was burning he ran out of
the Adore and he found out that the entire rose beds were burnt. At the end
stayed Thorn. Murtagh moved towards Thorn and said:"Do you miss her thorn?" And he reached for his mind but it was
blocked. Murtagh was surprised to see that thorn's mind was blocked.Murtagh placed his head over thorn's. A drop of tear fell from thorn's eyes
and landed on the burnt flower. When the tear dropped on the burnt flower
the entire garden begun to blossoms again but the roses were even redder as
it was like blood. Murtagh took his hand kept on the stem it started to
bleed. It was the Dragon's tear. Eragon woke up nude from the bed and
found it empty. He was quite revealed that he found it empty. He didn't
know how to face Arya or Murtagh. Eragon was confused he did not know what
he wanted. He has to clear his mind. He got up and wore up his clothes and
move out of the tent.Eragon walked along the path it seemed that there was a festival. Roran
came around and hugged him."Where hell did you go?""It's far away I don't know whether I could say this in words." "What so
ever we are glad that you are here. Come on lets sit by the table. "Eragon and Roran sat on table and two dishes where sat in front of them."One more plate over here"said the Orrin coming from behind and sat next
Eragon. The food was served Roran and Orrin "Is there anything going on with you Arya" asked Roran"What do you mean?"Asked Eragon"Are you sleeping with her" asked Orrin directly"No, I am not sure" replied Eragon"You are not sure. On what" asked Orrin" I don't know whether I am having the correct feelings ""I Felt like conquering the giant mountains and thousands of butterflies
running around the stomach. Oh I miss her" said Orrin "I don't know about
butterflies or mountains but it felt right"said RoranThoughts ran down Eragon's mind .He needed to speak this out. But who? And
where is Saphira?"Have you seen Saphira ""They said she was at sea shore" said Roran"Excuse me I need to see her, is it ok"Eragon excused himself and left to the sea shore. He followed the wind. It
was easy for him to locate the sea and Saphira She was looking at the
sun. Eragon set beside her."You woke up early today, Saphira""I never slept to be waken""You must feel exhausted then. You should take some rest""We don't feel anything Eragon we are just dragons our concern is for our
riders""I don't know what I am suppose to do can you help me ""Decisions are to made by you and whatever it is I will support. I wish it
was..."Suddenly fish jumped up."I think I should Shylolita Toplist get it" said Saphira"When did you start eating fish?""When I was with thorn"Eragon moved back to the camp as Saphira was flying to catch the fish. As
he was walking he heard some footsteps following him. Shylolita Toplist He turned around it
was Arya. Eragon sat down as Arya joined him."Why are here the celebration is about to start ?""Nothing. What is the celebration about?""It's for your return""The think that happened between us..." Stopped Eragon"I don't know Eragon. But I am glad it happened. " Arya came closer Eragon
and kissed him on the mouth."We better move we shall be late" Arya moved forward as Eragon followed her
to the campMurtagh entered Shylolita Toplist the Adore, the glass and healed his hand. And sat on the
bed. He felt something was wrong his heart was beating faster than usual,
is Eragon on danger? Murtagh can to the mirror and enchanted some words and
an image of the sea shore appeared it seemed Eragon was sitting on the
beach but he wasn't alone he was talking to some one it seemed to
Arya. Suddenly Arya came closer to Eragon and kissed him.The celebration has already started all of them were having a great
time. Eragon saw Angelica the healer who was walking towards her. Not this
time thought Eragon."How you are doing" asked Angelica"I am fine" replied Eragon replied as Arya passed by them."Poor thing, she blamed herself that you left.""She has nothing do with this" replied Eragon"That what we told her but she never listen. She thought if she loves
you...""If she loves me ...""That you would have stayed"Is this why Arya behavior has changed thought Eragon. Suddenly there was
fire ball running over the tents but it landed some where far. The Empire
has detected us. Nasuada stood up and spoke out loud"HOLD YOUR POSITIONS WE SHALL FIGHT"Eragon signed to Saphira. Eragon caught her and jumped upon her back.
"Good battle is all I wanted" said SaphiraIndeed added EragonEragon flew upwards to see that there were small troop firing cannon balls
at the camp they were not huge in number there would have realized about
the camp after yesterday night , when the sealed was take off. Saphira
flew like a mighty bird and sweep away the cannons and rests of empire's
troop were captured by the frontline soldiers."It good Shylolita Toplist to up here, Saphira" said Eragon"I could agree on that""Do you know what I feel Saphira?""Yap, lets go and meet him"Eragon communicated to the elf that he would be there before
night. (Because he had to meet him)Eragon and Saphira moved as if they had fire over them. Wind was on their
side but the sun was going down. The island appeared. Eragon ensured that
he is landing on the correct side. But he could not feel the seal on the
island. And the roses are even more reddish .what happened? Thoughts ran
through Eragon's mind was he captured again .Eragon wanted to land quickly
as possible. Saphira flew down to the rose beds and landed herself safely.Eragon observed the strange changes with the roses he tried to touch one
before he could the touch the rose his finger was pricked by the thorns."It's the Dragon's Tear, Eragon" said Saphira from behind."I think they already know." Said Saphira moving forward to EragonEragon made his way to the Adore, the glass house. In front of the glass
house laid Murtagh and there were lot of blood being passed through his
wrist. Eragon ran Shylolita Toplist and took hold of Murtagh and laid him across his lap the
wrist has been healed internally. Eragon did not wanted wake him up he was
so peaceful. Eragon was relieved that he was alive. Drop of tear came
across Eragon's eyes and passed his cheek and fell on Murtagh's cheek.Murtagh blinked his eyes to see where he was. He attempted suicide but
thorn came on the right moment and stopped his bleeding. But he felt warm
now. Murtagh opened his eyes. And saw Eragon, he was resting on Eragon's
lap. Murtagh could not lift himself but he had too. He put up all his
energy and roused himself and moved towards the Adore."Murtagh !" said EragonThorn came into sightas he was lying beside the roses as he was red as
roses he could not be recognized. He looked at Eragon with his fearless
eyes."We should talk Murtagh, don't I get a chance?" "I would give you my lifetime, Eragon. But I got only one heart and it's
already broken.""You need to trust me this time. I would have not come all this far for
just""I kept my word Eragon, I waited for you until you return and you have, and
now we depart""Don't you love me at all, Murtagh""I love you the most that's why you are still alive May the star be with
you"Murtagh jumped on thorn's back."Where are you going Murtagh""Where I will not see you often" replied MurtaghMurtagh flew away as Eragon watched Shylolita Toplist him leave.THE SEVENTHSAGE
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